"Keepers of the Sea is a stunning picture book of the Navy, with wonderful photographs of ships and airplanes at sea, as well as photos of Navy sailors in all aspects of training and work."
[Wall Street Journal]

"In this superb, illustrated volume, the United States Navy comes alive to the reader, whether he is an old sea hand or a casual reader drawn to the subject by the quality of the hundreds of photographs in the book. Few volumes so vividly catch the life breath of their subjects and convey it with the precision and care that this one does. It is set apart from other books of its kind by its extremely high quality."
[The Daily Press, Newport News]

"Both the power and the beauty of the modern U.S. Navy are remarkably captured in this magnificent showcase. Glorious color photos by Fred J. Maroon, often in double-page spreads, feature breathtaking views of the full range of American naval might. A spectacular volume."

"Maroon is a consummate color professional. And his skill shows. Light is his palette, and he is its master. The drama and grandeur of the Navy, even when not at war, is apparent. Maroon's effort is the first official profile of the Navy made in 40 years, the last being the publication Steichen at War. Keepers of the Sea keeps alive Maroon's dedication to excellence."
[Peninsula Times-Tribune]

"Whatever else may be said of this book, and much that is favorable deserves to be said, over 200 superb full-color photographs by Fred Maroon make it well worth the price."
[Washington Times Magazine]

"The particular combination of talents represented by Beach and Maroon is inspired, and inspiring. If Beach's words provide the strength and substance, Maroon's magnificently evocative photographs give the book its soul and sublimity. But such words are too stale, too sterile, to fully describe Maroon's works. His photographs are visual poetry. They are both truth and beauty, as seen through the eyes of a genius. What it all amounts to is a remarkable accomplishment and stunning achievement, a work of power, or beauty, and of art. There is no other book quite like it."
[Sea Power]

"Fred Maroon's photographs–of sea and air maneuvers, missile firings, and the thousand and one details of daily life and duty aboard ship–are simply stunning and their reproduction in these pages is a specimen of the printer's art at its finest."
[San Jose Mercury News]

"Keepers of the Sea provides a dramatic format: captivating photography and compelling narrative combined in an outstanding account of the air, sea and land capabilities of our modern Navy. The well-written, well-researched text offers an interesting historical perspective along with information on new technology; taut captions support 218 magnificent, full-color photos. The photography draws you into every event, making you a part of every situation. A beautiful, exciting publication."
[Los Angeles Times]

"Collaboration between two such outstanding figures as Maroon and Beach was bound to produce an exceptional book, but this volume exceeds even optimistic expectations. The contemporary U.S. Navy is masterfully presented in 218 color photographs and supporting text. Maroon's magnificent photographs convey both the objective and subjective aspects of the reality of his subject matter. Maroon's photographs could certainly stand alone, but they are supported and enhanced by Beach's equally superb text."
[National Defense]

"At first sight, this appears to be another of the so-called "coffee table" books, large and impressive, with a great many beautiful illustrations. This one will fool you. It is certainly beautiful, with some 218 elegant photographs, but a great many of them were taken not only with an eye for the aesthetic but also to give a clear view of the practical. It would be a worthy addition to any maritime library."
[The Ensign]"

"Keepers of the Sea is a fascinating and awesomely beautiful study of that branch of our armed forces today."
[Popular Photography]

"This is a breathtaking book, and reading it is an emotional experience."
[Marine Corps Gazette]

"Receiving my personal award as best book of 1983 is Keepers of the Sea. It's a Navy book almost as large as a coffee table, containing color photographs of this country's seagoing military unit. The photographer, Fred J. Maroon, spent four years on the project armed with 35mm Leica cameras and lenses ranging from 19 to 400mm. The results are impressive, leading me to think Maroon is more artist than photographer. His works capture the mood and the moment as men and machine go about their daily duties in our Navy, His photographs record both the pain and the pride of the Navy, occasionally becoming a bit too real as you see the grime on the apparel of the carrier's flight deck crew or the rust on a destroyer which is big and gray and underway. Maroon's use of available light will make other professional photographers envious, as well as his motion scenes at night.
[Erik Rigler, The Monitor]

"Keepers of the Sea would be a welcome addition to anyone's bookshelf. Especially effective are the photographs, some of which seem to almost jump out at the reader because of their vividness. This photography ranks with the work of Ansel Adams and even the great Edward Steichen in its panoramic intensity and total dramatic imagery. Keepers of the Sea is one of the finest works ever published on the U.S. Navy. Get it."
[Newsletter, Disabled American Veterans]

"Keepers of the Sea is a spectacular tribute to our nation's Navy. Anyone who ever was in the Navy or has a love for this vital peacekeeping force will value this vast, panoramic, photographic portrait of today's Navy. It is quite simply awe-inspiring.
[Business Journal of New Jersey]

"An opulent coffee table book containing 218 color photographs by Fred J. Maroon, all of stunning quality."
[The Sunday Peninsula Herald]