These United States is, above all, a magnificent–and I don't use that word loosely–portfolio of canvas-worthy colored photographs, with a prose that is, ultimately as pictorial as the pictures. One might say that the photographs are essentially romantic, and this is true. But America is a romantic dream and realization. Simply, this is a beautiful epitomization of a nation. I know of no better one. After diving pleasurably and deeply into its pages, one surfaces remembering–we sometimes forget–that the United States probably bears man's best hope for a viable future. This is a book for every library in those states." [Los Angeles Herald Examiner]

"Hugh Sidey's clean prose harmonizes well with the vision caught, region by region, by Maroon's vibrant color photos (160 pages, full-page and double-spread) of America's towns, rivers, mountains, prairies, landmarks, skyscrapers, industries, people–a literary-visual hymn of this country in the 1970s." [Publishers Weekly]

These United States is the work of two absolutely first-rate craftsman. Fred J. Maroon is one of the most respected photographers in the world. He was a protégé of Edward Steichen's which, of course, places him automatically with the angels. Possibly Maroon will be designated the poet-photographer of our generation. He photographs what he sees, distilled by some miraculous subjective process to pure visual poetry. He shows us mountains, buildings, scenery, rivers and waterfalls that no one has ever seen before; we may have been there, but we have never seen these places in this way. This is not a book you can leaf through and leave casually on the coffee table with a dozen others. You will read through it time and again to savor Sidey's often inspired prose and the unforgettable photographs of Fred J. Maroon. Give the book to someone you love. And buy one for yourself." [Sunbound]