"Keepers of the Sea is a stunning picture book of the Navy, with wonderful photographs of ships and airplanes at sea, as well as photos of Navy sailors in all aspects of training and work."

(Wall Street Journal)

Through powerful pictures and an engaging text, Keepers of the Sea draws the reader into a fascinating world unknown to most people. Few of us have ever had the opportunity to cross the ocean in a fast frigate, plumb its depths in a nuclear submarine, catapult off the deck of a carrier at night or participate in the myriad of activities necessary for the smooth functioning of a modern seagoing fleet. Now, thanks to the combination of an award-winning photographer, a best-selling author and a publisher steeped in naval traditions, these experiences can be shared by all in this magnificent book, the first photographic portrait of America's Navy to be published in forty years.

To capture the drama of life in a Navy whose increasing responsibilities and awesome capabilities deserve close attention, internationally acclaimed photographer Fred J. Maroon spent four years virtually living with his subject. He braved the high seas in a small motor launch, clambered along catwalks and waded in the surf during amphibious exercises to ensure that his pictures would show the Navy exactly as it is, "with the running rust showing."

Accompanying Maroon's 218 full-color photographs are the thoughtful words of Edward L. Beach, a writer whose career in the Navy has given him an intimate knowledge of its people and its ways. His evocative prose adds a dimension to the photos that no other author could have achieved.

From boot camp to beachhead, from bilge to bridge, Keepers of the Sea documents every aspect of life in America's Navy of the 1980s. Fully exploiting the three dimensions in which it operates – above, on and beneath the surface of the sea – the U.S. Navy has in recent years experienced tremendous change in scope and tactics. This book offers a spectacular view of the Navy's unprecedented developments in nuclear, aeronautical and electronic technologies. Its six sections describe, in terms everyone can understand, the Navy's air, surface and submarine forces, as well as seagoing logistics, training and practice, and the projection of sea power to the land.

For those who have served in the U.S. Navy, Keepers of the Sea will evoke a flood of memories. For those interested in the free world's most powerful naval force, it is necessary reading. As an example of the art of fine photography, it has few equals.

The pride of any library, this handsome volume will be enjoyed now and for years to come by all who acknowledge their debt to the sea.