"No one has captured the richness of the Supreme Court Building as well as photographer Fred J. Maroon. His loving attention to the building and its unique character make the collection more than an ordinary coffee-table book. In addition to taking breathtaking exterior and interior shots of the building, Maroon was given unprecedented access to the chambers of the justices to take pictures that offer an almost anthropological glimpse into the work habits and aesthetic sensibilities of individual justices. His wife, Suzy Maroon, wrote the text to accompany the photos, a well-crafted narrative of the building's history as well as the procedures and traditions of the Court."

(Legal Times)

The Supreme Court building, like the Capitol and White House before it, stands as a fitting tribute to the branch of government it houses. In The Supreme Court of the United States, award-winning photographer Fred J. Maroon captures both the power and the elegance of architect Cass Gilbert's pure neoclassical design, from the magnificent bronze doors depicting the Evolution of Justice to the sumptuous oak-paneled private chambers.

Granted access to areas in which photography is customarily prohibited. Maroon reveals the highest court's home in 130 spectacular full-color photographs, while Suzy Maroon's lively and informative text provides the stories of the people and the forces that shaped both the American justice system and the building that would become its symbol. In addition, the book features a history of the Supreme Court itself, as well as a fascinating photo-essay that tracks a petition's progress through the Court.

The Supreme Court of the United States is a remarkable achievement, one that will appeal not only to those with a passion for history and architecture, but also to anyone who wants to learn more about the building of a nation's hopes and ideals.