In text and pictures, this book presents a magnificent portrait of Washington, D.C. – "the city of our age. It interprets the city with vigor and with subtle accuracy. The political community and residential city are shown in the large and in detail. All the beloved monuments are here, and the centers of government, but also the night clubs, the old houses, and the cultural centers. Washington is peopled by the exalted and the humble, and they are also here – the Kennedys, the Lyndon B. Johnsons, the Hubert Humphreys, the Dirksens; senators and representatives, social leaders, ambassadors, Egyptian dancers, picnickers in Rock Creek Park, and many more.

A bold yet sensitive interpretation of the national capital, this book is also an impressive example of fine bookmaking. The 200 photographs range from incredibly beautiful scenic views to intimate candid shots, reproduced by gravure and full-color offset; the text consists of fifteen chapters that sparkle with fundamental information and fascinating sidelights of human and historical interest. Text and pictures, composed expressly for this book, capture the many moods of the nation's capitol. From Washington at high noon to the C&O Canal, from a State Department courier to the strollers in Dupont Circle, Washington: Magnificent Capital is alive with today and nostalgic of yesterday. It is the book on the people, politics, and places of that great American city.