This book blends the talents of two of Washington's most astute and honored observers. Allen Drury and Fred Maroon each spent some three months exploring the corridors of power in the Nixon White House. They observed policy-making meetings and off-the-record interviews, official ceremonies and informal conversations. Promised free access and full cooperation, they met independently with nearly every important figure in the Administration, recording faces, voices and personalities behind the names in the headlines.

The First Lady, the President's daughters, and the White House staff discuss the duties and rewards of an inevitably public life. The Vice President, past and present members of the President's staff – the youngest and one of the most controversial in history – Congressional leaders of every political stripe, and officers of the Cabinet speak freely, each bringing his own perspective to the men and issues of this Administration. And Richard Nixon himself eloquently describes the achievements, the goals, and the aspirations of his Presidency.

Comprehensive, well rounded and revealing, the complementary works of Drury and Maroon provide a candid portrait of the individuals and institutions that guide the destiny of the nation.