"Magnificently photographed and produced, thoughtfully designed and edited, the essence of Georgetown, the village on the Potomac in the nation's capital, is here defined. Maroon's expertise (he is by training an architect) coupled with an unabashed romantic affection for the village in which he has lived for almost thirty years, translates to a wonderful poem of praise."

(ASMP Bulletin)

Few professional photographers live with their subjects for over 35 years. Yet highly respected photographer Fred J. Maroon did just that. Maroon on Georgetown offers an art-quality collection of photographs of the town Maroon called home, the small historic community adjacent to the domes and monoliths of our nation's capital.

Few express the vitality of Georgetown as well as this man, who searched the streets of Georgetown at dawn and at dusk, in all seasons, photographing buildings, neighbors, and nightlife, enjoying rare access to homes, and bringing to the task an exceptional eye for architectural elements.

Georgetown's proximity to Washington makes for exciting and diverse cultural life, while its preservation as a National Landmark has allowed it to retain its small-town identity. Maroon on Georgetown features the campus of Georgetown University, the museums and gardens of Dumbarton Oaks, and the diverse shops and restaurants that form the profusion of style and culture known as Georgetown. Maroon's architectural experience enables him to capture its mood and character, from the Federal, Queen Anne, and Victorian dwellings to the interior design and decoration behind the facades.

From Captain Smith's first voyage up the Potomac River to the town's growth as a busy tobacco port, from its strife on the border of the Civil War to its incorporation into the District of Columbia, Georgetown has a colorful and cultivated past. Maroon's text chronicles the history of Georgetown from its beginning as an Indian village to the urban community of today.

Maroon on Georgetown was first published in 1985, and won Gold Medals for photography and for design in the annual competition of the Art Directors' Club of Metropolitan Washington that year. This edition has been expanded and updated to include additional landmarks and developments. Maroon on Georgetown offers a chance to touch base with history, to appreciate fine art and architecture, and to experience both the excitement and the serenity of one of the most unusual towns in America.